Arianna Santagati

Nationality: Italian and German

Occupation: Policy Officer, Lower Austrian Liaison Office to the EU

Part of Heartbeats since: October 2013

Role at Heartbeats: 1. Chairperson

Why I am a member of Heartbeats: I am fully convinced that every young person in this world can develop precious talents and contribute in a unique way to the common good, when given the chance to do so. Heartbeats enabled me to discover my own potential and to widen my horizons!

Lisa Richertz

Nationality: German

Occupation: Student in International Social Work (B.A.) and Senior Care

Part of Heartbeats since: October 2019

Role at Heartbeats: 2. Chairperson

Why I am a member of Heartbeats: I decided to become a part of Heartbeats because, since I spent two years in East Africa, I’m looking into the field of development policies. With Heartbeats, I’ve found a setting in which I can share the same thoughts and questions and it also gives me a space to reflect and analyze it. I also think it’s important to look at development cooperation in a critical way, while still supporting projects. Beside the work in the association, I’m also a part of the Educational Team (BildungsAG) because I’m interested in both international and national topics.

Johanna Knorr

Nationality: German

Occupation: Social Worker; Seminars and Pedagogical Support for Volunteers

Part of Heartbeats since: April 2014

Role at Heartbeats: Treasurer

Why I am a member of Heartbeats: Every person has dreams. I like that at Heartbeats we support people in realizing their visions for a better world. At Heartbeats I found a community that commits itself to the same topics and questions and in that we can get inspired of each other. I love that Heartbeats e.V. consists of so many different people and that everyone can commit themselves and try themselves out in the part they like to.

Elena Gnant

Nationality: German and Italian

Occupation: Student in Human Ecology – Culture, Power and Sustainability (M.A.)

Part of Heartbeats since: October 2016

Role at Heartbeats: Secretary, Intercultural Education

Why I am a member of Heartbeats: I am active in the intercultural education of Heartbeats, through which we organize lectures, film presentations, intercultural trainings etc. on various cosmopolitan topics. I believe that we have a choice to actively change this planet towards a peaceful sustainability in respect and solidarity for all the beings on it. I love beeing active in current discussions and learn through creative thought-provoking impulses. This is why I am part of Heartbeats.