Arianna Santagati

Nationality/ Origin: Italian and German

Occupation: Erasmus Mundus Master Student in Global Studies

Part of Heartbeats since: October 2013

Role at Heartbeats: 1. Chairperson of the Board

Why I am a member of Heartbeats: I am fully convinced that every young person in this world can develop precious talents and contribute in a unique way to the common good, when given the chance to do so. Heartbeats enabled me to discover my own potential and to widen my horizons!

Hannah Hadaller

Nationality/ Origin: German

Occupation: Advisor at STUBE BW (STUBE is a development-oriented education programme for students from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe)

Part of Heartbeats since: October 2017

Role at Heartbeats: 2. Chairperson of the Board

Why I am a member of Heartbeats: I am part of Heartbeats e.V. because Heartbeats e.V. gives me the possibility to connect with people and projects all over the world. The exchange of knowledge, culture, opinions and experiences we have all together enriches me. The activities Heartbeats is offering in Ludwigsburg are as important as the international project we support.

Johanna Knorr

Nationality/ Origin: German

Occupation: Social Worker; Seminars and pedagogical support for volunteers

Part of Heartbeats since: April 2014

Role at Heartbeats: Treasurer

Why I am a member of Heartbeats: Every person has dreams. I like that at Heartbeats we support people in realizing their visions for a better world. At Heartbeats I found a community that commits itself to the same topics and questions and in that we can get inspired of each other. I love that Heartbeats e.V. consists of so many different people and that everyone can commit themselves and try themselves out in the part they like to.

Elena Gnant

Nationality/ Origin: German and Italian

Occupation: Student in International Social Work

Part of Heartbeats since: October 2016

Role at Heartbeats: Secretary, Intercultural Education

Why I am a member of Heartbeats: I am active in the intercultural education of Heartbeats, through which we organize lectures, film presentations, intercultural trainings etc. on various cosmopolitan topics. I believe that we have a choice to actively change this planet towards a peaceful sustainability in respect and solidarity for all the beings on it. I love beeing active in current discussions and learn through creative thought-provoking impulses. This is why I am part of Heartbeats.